Everything is dancing around me
And I feel stretched beyond my limits
by endless opportunities
and endless lurking pitfalls
My mind tries to catch hold
of each thought as it flies by
The world seems so busy
Even here in this quiet hamlet
Beside my stagnant pain-seared life
People whirl about
Creating changes beyond my control
Persecuting me by their ignorant actions
That assault my senses
And disturb my limited order
Decision making seems utterly beyond my whirling head,
As I try to remain still in my sea of fog
Punctuated by bright movement
That struts and stabs and twirls
And leaves me in a fuddle of anxiety
Not knowing what to do
to minimise the damage
And make my own straight path
Through the centre of what seems like 
deteriorating chaos
to a malfunctioning mind
and a tormented body
longing for peace
and clear sight.
Linda Crowhurst


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