DSM 5 : seriously !

Have you looked at the DSM5 proposals yet, for Simple and Complex Somatoform Disorder yet ? In their dreams this is the label  psychiatrists salivate over for  ME, Fibromyalgia  and such like.  As I work on a response, I cannot believe that anyone takes this dippy bunkum seriously - except that it's deadly cold sober  indeed.

As Dr   James Howenstein writes : 

"When you look below the surface at the specialty of psychiatry what you uncover is so ludicrous it is difficult to believe that it is really true. Prominent psychiatrists from all over the world gather annually for a meeting at which new diseases are invented. There are no objective findings that establish the diagnosis of these diseases. These new diseases are included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases. Potential new diseases are discussed at these meetings and new diseases are voted in or out by a show of handsAmong the new diseases are social anxiety disorder (everyone who is uncomfortable in a social setting has this disease) and mathematics disease (anyone who has struggled over a math problem has this disease). Gender identity disorder, passive-aggressive disorder, disorder of written expression and sexual disorder are other examples of invented diseases that  will follow the individuals tagged with these ridiculous diagnoses the remainder of their lives. "


...but give someone with ME a "diagnosis" of SSSD or CSSD (Simple & Complex Somoatoform Disorder) and it could literally be a death sentence.

Exasperated ,  I am working on a response. In the meantime I couldn't help myself. You'd go unhinged  trying to deal with this  palaver.  I just had to find an empty cereal box , some glue and a pair of scissors and have a go at making my very own silly Somatoform Diagnostic Tool - which you are very welcome to try here  :



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