I cannot protect her !

She is still badly affected by the BANG, BANG, BANG, THUD, of laying paving stones, last week, next door; they may as well have come into her bedroom and laid into her with fists and boots.

I mean badly affected; in a monstrous  place, her body quivering with multiple symptoms; the agony in each breath,  that I cannot reach.

The abomination that is "sound-sensitivity" in Severe ME makes me raise my head and scream inside .

Okay,  in an hour or so, builders will start work, next door, digging up a concrete path, a few yards away from Linda's bed, with a pneumatic drill.

They might  as well be popping in  to give her a good bashing about the head. She's too ill - did I mention that - to get up and get out , she's too ill to be here , without severe consequences.

Long after the concrete has dried, her body will still be shaking from this and the pain will be howling . 

I wish we still had our dog here , to help us . For there's only me now, facing this morning with dread, my wife far too ill for me to be able to help.

I cannot tell you what a torture this is.

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