ICC : 6 knock out recommendations !!

New Myalgic Encephalomyelitis International Consensus Criteria

What  a great day..here are six knock -out  recommendations, there so many,  from the just published   Consensus Criteria - with this under our arm, we are ready to fight as never before.

1.The six-month waiting period before diagnosis is no longer required. No other disease criteria require that diagnoses be withheld until after the patient has suffered with the affliction for six months. 

 2.Using “fatigue” as a name of a disease gives it exclusive emphasis and has been the most confusing and misused criterion. No other fatiguing disease has “chronic fatigue” attached to its name – e.g. cancer/chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis/chronic fatigue – except ME/CFS. 

3.“Malaise – a vague feeling of discomfort or fatigue is an inaccurate and inadequate word for the pathological low-threshold fatigability and post-exertional symptom flare. 
4. Symptom severity impact must result in a 50% or greater reduction of a patient’s premorbid activity level for a diagnosis of ME. 

5.Post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion is the hallmark feature.

6.  Individuals meeting the International Consensus Criteria have myalgic encephalomyelitis and should be removed from the Reeves empirical criteria and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome. 


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