Still defiant !!

Caring : it will easily  break you,  or it will take you places and teach you things  you never thought possible.

So long as you stay defiant, that is. You've got to keep fighting, especially in the face of Very Severe ME.

I write this with a tear in my eye. Yesterday I received news that I have passed my WebMaestro Advanced Web Design course with the grade of distinction; how did I ever make sense of that JavaScript ??

But hey I did.

I did  it to keep myself going and growing.

Now  I   have more more equipment to fight with, tools I can use to strip bare the misinformation that in the words of Paul Simon, "follows us like a plague". I have  the  ability  and skill to build  practical applications like our  ME Symptom Tool and cutting edge professional -standard , ME-friendly websites;  my diploma proves it.

Next I am studying Flash and Graphic Design.

That's some achievement and I am proud of it :  in the face of endless pain, untold suffering, so many, many hours , so many years spent isolated and virtually abandoned. Our little, little life.

A  fist , always raised in defiance.


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