The Matrix of Truth

Stonebird : Speak Your Truth
Greg Crowhurst 9th September 2011

Under an intimate, dim, glow, last night,  because she is too light-sensitive for bright lights, a world-class biomedical Consultant, two Doctors and a Perrin Practitioner , crammed themselves into our long, narrow kitchen , finding themselves  a  chair, if they were lucky, a stool,  or just somewhere to lean, while my wife listened , through a half-closed door and layers of agony, in the adjoining, darkened living room.

 The discussion was electric, alive with ideas and suggestions of possible  ways forward, referrals that will be made,   for a woman too severely affected to be even touched .

All that happened -  is happening - because 17 years ago, my wife spoke the  truth that  she is ill. At first I struggled to believe her, but eventually I heard.

 Then we fought , painful is not the word,  against the  mountain of  heartbreaking prejudice, that surrounds ME,  for many years to find a good GP- and he heard. So began  the  long lonely struggle to get to the top, to speak one-to-one, over a coffee,  to those who run our local Primary Care Trust   , eventually  they too heard.

We make good use of  the Formal Complaint process ;  we never, ever give up. 

Two words ,   make all the difference in the world  :

"No more !"

Sick of being abused by the clueless, cruel  psychiatrists ?

"No more !"

Sick of your local  NHS not providing any biomedical ME service ?

"No more !"

Sick of the lies and nonsense that are spoken about ME ?

"No more !"

If you dare to speak out , if you dare to challenge being left ,suffering  endlessly without a biomedical  ME service, if you dare to complain about inappropriate and misguided treatment, if you dare not to compromise one iota over the absolute need for proper ME biomedical tests and treatments , eventually you will be heard.

Then others will hear , and they will tell others and so the word will spread and eventually good , positive, things will happen for you : we call it building  The Matrix of Truth.

Last night ; that was  its awesome , unstoppable power.



  1. I'm glad something positive happened.

    One day, it might be nice if you could expand on what you said about how you struggled to believe, but eventually you heard. Many don't believe. Many continue not to believe. What did your wife say that finally made you understand? Or was the difference that you wanted to understand?

  2. That is the news I have been waiting for my friends. Some hope that there will be other shoulders to help carry the load:)

  3. It must have been amazing to actually have a these four individuals come to your home and listen! I hope they find ways to make Linda's (and your) life more bearable. (((Virtual hugs))) to both of you.


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