Tenth Anniversary of The Breakthrough Prayer

October 8th 2011
The tenth anniversary of The Breakthrough Prayer
We celebrate with a poem from Theresa :

The child within you

Sweep your house clean, each moment, Especially when night falls… For will your house be there tomorrow? We know not the time or hour… Anger held tight; furious fists Drive finger roots and nails Through the body, mind And spirit map, binding it in. Surrender to God’s Holy Spirit, Embrace the ocean and without fear And arms outstretched be carried through The water to the salty depths And give it ALL to HIM. Who waits, within, without, longing Through your grief, hidden, Calloused by time, down the long Lonely years of repression To set the CHILD in you FREE On bedroom carpet make your desert, Where stars touching heaven, spill out In startling clarity into the ubiquitous hush Of His Presence… Where each breath and tear and smile is heard ‘Ask and it will be given you Seek and you will find Knock and the door will be opened’ A guarantee from Him Who was and is and is to come Amen
We pray for the success of the world wide premiere of Voices From the Shadows today at The Mill Valley Film Festival.

We pray that it will make a breakthrough happen, that people will be shocked to see the neglect of people with ME and the reality of Severe ME, that it will change hearts and minds and bring much needed light to the truth of this devastating physical disease.

May Voices From the Shadows bring about a fundamental shift in attitude and integrity towards treating this disease with both the seriousness and funding needed to find a cure and to separate psychiatric fatigue from the neurological , multisystem dysfunction of myalgic encephalomyelitis.

We pray especially for the people involved in the making of the film and give thanks for their bravery in making themselves vulnerable in this way for the good of many.

We give thanks also for all the personal and medical breakthroughs that have been held in the power of the Breakthrough Prayer throughout the last decade ! Alleluia !


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