ME Spring

The  cold eats into me
Chilling my bones
And sending nerve pain screaming
round my  battered body
Winter is here
Yet spring will come
Sun will shine again
Things will change
New growth will come
But not I fear in ME world
The injustice rages through my body
Cuts deeper than the  icy chill of winter
Rattles round my bones
Demanding attention
Pierces even the depth  of my empty brain fogged  mind
Shouting out its wrongness
Demanding attention
Gnawing at the centre of my being.
How can we continue to bear such wrong in the world ?
Wrongness that destroys truth
That evades healing
That persecutes the vulnerable
That punishes the most ill.
Surely we cannot be frozen out of society  for ever
By misrepresentation
And banishment ?
Where is Justice ?
Where is Truth?
Where is honesty?
Where is  integrity?
The weight of the lie must surely break
the bough of untruth eventually?
How long do we have to stay in the  psychiatric winter of  misdiagnosis ?
How long will be frozen out of proper health care and treatment?
How long must we suffer this injustice?
When will the ME Spring finally come?
Not soon enough I fear.


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