Let go of the CFS label in 2012

The tide's on the turn ;   as   I stagger battered , as never before, but  not done fighting, into 2012, I can think of no greater achievement this year than to  let-go  of the "CFS" label that has does so much harm to people with ME.


  1. In the USA we've had a chant for the last 20+ years already that says "Get the F Out." Same idea <3

    Angel Mac

  2. Thank you. ME/CFS is a Trojan horse. DO NOT support ME/CFS groups or fake "ME" groups that are about CFS or ME/CFS or want everyone to "like" everything under the guise of unity or the other slogans as false pretenses. Do not work with or join with that which harms us. ME patients need to take a stand and yes we must fight these groups that continue to undermine us.

    We need true ME advocacy and unfortunately much involves countering and correcting the misinformation of these so called ME/CFS advocacy groups.


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