Voices From the Shadows - DVD now out !

Voices from the shadows:

This is a film that must change hearts and minds. This film  is our best hope to get the truth of myalgic encphalomyelitis , a severe and devastating physical disease, out to the world.

Everyone in the film has made themselves vulnerable for the truth of ME ; they  want the truth to be known.

ME is not fatigue, ME is not a mental health disorder;  Voices from the Shadows shows this powerfully and honestly.

This film was made to challenge the psychiatric misrepresentation,  it needs to be shown to  people who do not understand or who are not aware of   what it is like to  have Very Severe ME.

It is devastating to be so physically  ill and yet to be treated so poorly, so badly ,so ignorantly, so dismissively by  the medical profession , who predominantly  follow an inappropriate psychosocial model of care .

Voices from the Shadows   needs to be shown to friends, family, doctors, social workers, politicians , advocates, people in power: to anyone who does not understand the grim physical reality of living with Severe ME.

There must  be a paradigm shift in society and the medical world. There needs to be a universal biomedical response.

ME and psychiatry must  go their separate ways. Let us make this film pivotal in making that change happen,

If you can buy a copy then do. The more people who see this film the better.

If you want to show the film  publicly, you can buy a special screening rights copy.

The  only way this film is going to be seen is  if we all make it happen.

All of us  have to do something to make the dreadful situation we are in change for the better.

The best way to counteract misinformation and misinterpretation is  with the truth :Voices from the Shadows needs  to be seen , so that the truth  of ME can  be  made visible in all its devastation.

Let us make this  happen.

We would like to say a special  thanks to Natalie Boulton and Joss Biggs who have sacrificed so much to make Voices From the Shadows  a reality. Without their commitment this film would not exist.

Let us all make sure that this film is worth the supreme effort that went into its creation.

 Let this film be our voice.

(Order here : http://voicesfromtheshadowsfilm.co.uk/shop-dvds/)
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