How to care for Someone with Severe ME

I have been busy on a labour of love for months on end - and now :

I just want to announce that my new book : "How to Care for Someone with Severe ME", will be out within days. It has been receiving good feedback.

Here is how Martin Walker, author of "Skewed" describes it :

"In the best tradition of the handbook, this book is both focused and eclectic, covering the very centre of the issue while straying afield to shut the doors on the periphery. It aims not just to articulate the terrible predicament of Linda, but to expose in Greg’s terms the ‘tissue of lies’ spread by psychiatrists and to suggest ways that a network can become a political body able to organise a new right to life for ME sufferers.

Greg Crowhurst’s prose is imbued with justified anger, for not only has Linda’s life and dreams been ruined by ME and a recalcitrant and mercenary medical profession, but his life and his dreams have also has been destroyed. The medical profession has a great deal to answer for as it reaches its corporate destination where every recognised illness has its diagnosis and its chemical or high tech cure.

If you want to know about the reality of ME, in all its aspects, if you want to understand the environment in which ME grows and its sufferers are persecuted, read this Handbook. Greg Crowhurst’s book is of immense value, it’s a holistic book, a total book which looks at ME from the focused pinpoint of the sufferer while rising above the immediate physical problem to reconnoitre the surrounding landscape. 

In following the book’s arguments no sufferer will be cured, no carer relieved of the medical or moral duty to care, but at least those sufferers who can campaign, those carers who do still hope and stand at their posts, will be able to engage with those who stand in their path and hopefully will not be victims of the roadside bombs and false obstructions engineered by the terrorists of obfuscation hiding in the medical and psychiatric professions."

The book will be made available for people with ME and carers to download for free from Stonebird. There will also be a printed copy, which would be useful to give to GPs and professionals : price £11.99.


  1. Hello I am an individual with autoimmune, could be ME or MS, I would like to review your book for promotion on Amazon and other retailers. You can see my site @ or we need as many advocates for these illness so to spread the knowledge and request funding. Thank you and congrats.

  2. Susan that would be great. Can you possibly contact me through the contact button on and we can organise a review copy. For sure we need advocates speaking out, especially patients/carers, for no one can possibly know what it is like. Thanks Susan.


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