It's going to be an ebook- for now..

I 've literally hand-coded every single line of my book in HTML, back and forth I've gone using all manner of conversion processes. It's one thing producing an ebook - that's easy enough - but producing an ebook to the stringent standards required for international distribution- is a nightmare !

You have no choice but to spend days getting your head around arcane rules and regulations that make no apparent I have been wondering does anyone ever manage to publish anything ?

The other day though, I finally cracked it !

I am , however, having serious problems with the printed version. The distribution system is not robust enough- I would hate to put people through the stress of waiting for ages for their book to arrive, so that, sadly, is on hold - for now.

Getting the styling of the book right across multiple devices , like the iPad, is my mission right now. The book, however, is just about ready for release - the cover had to be changed. the naked carer picture I had is not suitable for ebook distribution apparently - hence the new version above.

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