Who wants to know ?

There is a church just across the road , within one mile of us there are at least four other churches - and  a National Shrine, for goodness sake, bustling;  there's also several convents of nuns.  

 A community of priests , what, half a street  away. Come to think of it, there's a priest who lives just behind us, over the garden wall there.

We've got  Crosses  on every corner  and today you will be able to hear scared music from our back garden.

This Easter, not one Christian in this holy  place  has reached out to Linda. The  neighbours say hello to me, but no one asks about Linda. As far as the Churches here go, the National Shrine, the convents, the priests,this profoundly sick, disabled, woman in total agony , is not on their radar.

I am out of my mind worried about Linda ; I have not been well myself recently. It's a struggle.

Easter ;  the greatest "feast" day of the Christian Church. Across the road, over the fields ,  bells will be rung, candles lit, you won't be able to park anywhere ; today's  a giant hallelujah.

The  pain-wracked woman, my wife, will fight to get through this day, as she does every day. With dwindling resources, I am with her.

As I sip my coffee, this early morning, I wonder can I hear  Christ's parched voice  ? Is he asking, like me, how did it all go so wrong ?


  1. Greg so sorry to hear you are so isolated with this dreadful illness and Linda is in such pain.
    Why don't you try the Breakspear in Hemel Hempstead and see if they can do some investagatory testing. They do many tests that the NHS don't bother to do and although it is expensive they have helped many people with ME/CFS.
    It is not a hospital I have personal experience of but I am in touch with many patients who have been helped by them and I have met several of their doctors at Medical conferences.
    The countess of Mar was helped enormously by them and speaks very highly of their work.
    Best wishes to you both, it is time God intervened and allowed good science to be done and listened to when it has been done to help so many who suffer.

  2. Thanks so much Joanne,

    Unfortunately we had a very bad experience with the Breakspear; Linda is badly deteriorated now.

    Our very best wishes ,

    Happy Easter,


  3. Dear Greg

    Have you thought of posting this in your local paper, or send it to the actual Churches. I am not of the same faith but maybe there is a service on the radio or tv not the same but may be of some help. Best wishes to you both.
    ( also have M.E)

  4. Bless you , thanks that's really uplifting.


  5. As an atheist, I'm sad and a little surprised. Somehow I thought that this was what religion did well -- rallied supporters for people who needed it.

    I'm guessing you already tried enlisting their help. What happened when you did?


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