Latest update on Karina

Karina is still alive and still at home. The family’s lawyer is advising them and will guard Karina’s rights. This lawyer has had many cases with ME patients and he understands the disease.

Thanks to Greg Crowhurst – - and perhaps others – the Danish Embassy in London became aware of the case and contacted the Danish Board of Health. The Embassy is taking this case very seriously. There is pressure on the Danish government from many sides now to treat this case correctly. The power of facebook!

Yesterday the Board of Health contacted a neuropsychologist about Karina’s case. He was asked to contact Dr. Isager and to have the two of them look into the case. We see it as a positive step that the Board of Health is asking for Dr. Isagers opinion in this case. Dr. Isager has devoted years to helping ME patients, making home visits and helping them when no one else would. He has endless heartbreaking stories about the cases he has seen in his years of helping these abandoned patients. I have the highest respect for Dr. Isager. He wrote a book in Danish last year called Blinde Pletter: Blind Spots – on the Medical and Health Sector’s Amputated Reality: It is about the blind spots the medical profession has for diseases like ME and a criticism of the way the Danish Health system treats them.

It is our hope that the Board of Health and the neuropsychologist will listen to Dr. Isager’s advice about how to treat Karina. What we want right now is to get Karina the medical assistance she needs to keep her alive. As for the neuropsychologist – I will not give out the name because I don’t want this person bombarded by mails. We sent information about ME to this person and have offered to be of assistance in any way we can. We are working to keep the tone professional and friendly. We, the ME Association, hope that this case can start a constructive dialog with the Danish Board of Health about what ME is and how these patients can be helped.
I am sorry that I can’t share more right now, but please know that if anything happens with Karina I will post immediately. 


  1. That is really good news and makes you feel glad that you made the effort to write.Dr Isager sounds a great guy.


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