What can we do for Karina ?

Very sad news from Denmark:
Danish Board of Health threatens to commit seriously ill
ME-patient to a psychiatric hospital.

The Danish Board of Health says that the diagnosis
of ME is the same as insanity and wants to forcibly
remove a 23-year old woman, Karina, from her family

This could happen as soon as May 2nd.

Karina is totally bed-bound, is extremely light and sound
sensitive and is too weak to talk. .

She is so extremely ill that there is a real chance that a
move could be fatal.

Karina’s parents have been trying to get permission to set
up an IV at home to help keep Karina alive, but instead the
health department decided that Karina is mentally ill and
should be removed.

The family has been repeatedly told by Danish doctors that
the diagnosis of ME is not recognized.

“They do not understand how sick an ME-patient can be with
this disease and their ignorance can now have fatal
consequences for Karina“

says Rebecca Hansen, Chairman of the ME Association in

Please help us by spreading this story on-line and to the

We would like to get journalists interested in writing about it.

Rebecca Hansen can be contacted at:


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