Dr Betty Dowsett , incredibly sad news

"To Summarise: I would urge all our colleagues to look again at the literature prior to 1988 before redefining this illness.” Dr Betty Dowsett , Redefinitions of ME/CFS – a 20th Century Phenomenon.

We have just heard the incredibly sad news that Dr Betty Dowsett, one of the very few doctors who knew that ME was a genuine neurological disease , who actively validated patients in a sea of psychiatric fatigue nonsense, a doctor who worked alongside Dr Melvin Ramsay, who knew the truth has died.

Betty Dowsett helped people, by protecting against the psychiatric untruth that has spread like wildfire throughout the UK since the 1980's, by accurately diagnosing them , by actively supporting them

Not only did Betty help many people, for free, including Linda to get a proper Severe ME diagnosis, at a clinic she paid for herself, because the need was there, she also stayed in touch , supporting people in getting their Benefits and providing ongoing medical advice.

Deeply committed to people with ME, Betty Dowsett was a genuinely good and honourable person who lived the doctor's oath to do no harm; much more than that she stood up for truth and in the process saved many lives - including Linda's.

Dr Betty Dowsett was a giant in the ME world; her loss is immeasurable and irreplaceable.


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