Is a Carer Website possible ?

A fantastic, committed  site has been set up for carers ,but on my visits there, it sadly feels a little  windswept and empty, pretty much like the beach near me, I am afraid,  on this  grey rainy day. Why ?

I can only look to my own experience.

I need a site that will HELP me. I see, for example that Carers UK have just announced yet another survey into something or other that will make a "difference".

All very well  - but I am crying out for effective action to make change happen.Carers need proper financial support to do their job and care for themselves. 

In all these years of campaigning Carers UK have  not managed to put anything more than the 20p an hour I receive , in my pocket. To that extent, I am afraid they are ineffective.

I just  don't need any more  advice,  please,  on "looking after myself".

Me,  I  want to live within and beyond caring in an enriching way, in partnership with my wife - I  do not want to be   clientised or to  feel even slightly  patronised by some professional , telling me what to do.

I want to  talk about the  things I love and are passionate about  - politics, song writing,  web design, gardening, mysticism.

Here's the thing though - I would like real sharing and dialogue, but in reality I have little energy and time to give.  That is probably the issue with Carer Websites.

We could be up front about that .

At the end of the day is  it possible , I wonder, to talk somewhere about real issues,   take  real action, bring  about some kind of change and  hope ? Or am I  and the millions of   full-time carers like me ,  doomed  to spend the rest of our  days in stressed-out,  dire poverty;  filling in surveys ?


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