A letter to my local Labour Party - will I get an answer ?

I have just received your North Norfolk  newsletter. 

My wife is chronically sick and disabled. Last time we spoke to a Labour Party member, back in 1995, they said to us 90% of the sick and disabled are scroungers. 

Although the MP at the time refuted it, New Labour's policies subsequently proved that they considered the sick and disabled "scroungers",  from the Benefit Integrity project, the  introduction of ESA, the employment of ATOS, Labour's involvement with UNUM -  and the way it was allowed to profoundly dictate Labour's Welfare to Work policy.

I am desperate to support a genuine Social Democrat party, but am deeply disillusioned by our experience under the last Government, and the way that Labour is still not speaking up against the dangers and use of PIP and the ongoing demonisation of the sick and disabled, the poor and unemployed,  rather than the bankers .

Please can you tell me what has so fundamentally changed that I might now want any involvement
 with the Labour Party ?

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