Liberating the NHS ?? My foot !

Still conducting my background research into the Government's NHS Consultation on "Choice" , it is instructive  to look at the powerful players who are busy  "Liberating  "the NHS budget to hand it over to the corporate sector."(Ayes To The Left Save Our NHS - "DROP THE BILL"! Monday, March 21, 2011

 As Dr Clarke points out : since 2001, the Tory Party have received at least 333 separate donations from companies or individuals with links to the private health care industry. The Green Benches Dr Éoin Clarke (PhD)

We, in the ME Community have suffered horribly from the influence of powerful vested interests, over the last 20-30 years, it is even more profoundly shocking and disturbing then , when you begin , as I am, to look into who is actually involved in NHS policy making and discover a vipers nest of interests . It seems that :

1 in four Conservative Peers have financial interests in companies involved in private healthcare. 

1 in 6 Labour Peers. 

1 in 6 Crossbench Peers and 

1 in 10 Liberal Democratic Peers. 

A terrifying  list of Peer's  involvement in private healthcare , was published by the Daily Mirror last year , allegedly   they  include : 

The Director of BUPA.

The  Chairman of Invesco Perpetual Recovery Trust. One fifth of their investments are in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

An  Advisor to L.E.K. Consulting, which specialises in helping private healthcare companies identify "growth and new business development" and "opportunities with the government.

A  Partner in Beachcroft, a law firm that offers incisive analysis on the full range of government, parliamentary and regulatory matters in the health sector.

 A Director of Marsh & McLennan Companies that "help hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and industry associations understand the implications of changing policy environments".

An Adviser to medical technology firm GE Healthcare.

Cumberlege Connections, a political networking firm that works "extensively" with the pharmaceutical industry.

Backers of private hospital group Circle Holdings.

An Advisor to Oasis Healthcare on dentistry and general healthcare matters.

The Chair of Frontier Economics, a consultancy that advises private sector clients on the impact of healthcare reforms and how "to shape regulatory environments".

The Chairman of the Advisory Board of ­PricewaterhouseCoopers, which claims to have “been at the heart of shaping ­[healthcare] reforms and working with clients to respond to the opportunities they present”.

An Adviser on hospital reorganisation to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

A Chairman of Interserve, consultancy to NHS and private healthcare firms.

A  Senior adviser to ­investment bankers Greenhill.

A Senior adviser to ­Evercore, bank involved in huge healthcare deals.

The  MD of UBS bank, whose healthcare division earned the firm over $1billion since 2005.

 A Director of Goldman Sachs bank, provider of services to healthcare firms.

 A Senior adviser to ­Hawkpoint Partners, a corporate finance firm.

An  Adviser to Trilantic Capital Partners, a private equity firm “active” in healthcare.

The  Director of AMT-Sybex Group, IT supplier to the NHS.

The  Director of the SISK Group of healthcare companies.

The  Chairman of pharmaceutical company Norbrook Laboratories.

The  Chief executive of Huntsworth communications group with several lobbying firms.

The  Chairman of Chime Communications group, whose lobbying clients include Southern Cross, BT Health and AstraZeneca.

The  Bupa chairman.

A Senior adviser to business services giant KPMG.

An Adviser to law firm Eversheds. Clients include care homes and private hospitals.

A  Self-employed “consultant on NHS and wider health issues”.

The Director of Huntsworth ­communications group.

The  Director of ­healthcare property firm Care Capital.

The  Ex-director of failed care home firm Southern Cross.

A  Partner in DLA Piper, a global law firm providing lobbying services to “clients in the health and social care sectors”.

The Chairman of private health insurer Axa Sun Life’s monitoring board.

An Adviser to private equity firm Bridgepoint.

The Chairman of Semperian, an investment vehicle, which owns a portfolio of mature Public Private Partnership investments, including hospitals.

The  Chair of private secure mental health hospital group Alpha Hospitals, which is investing in a new acute private hospital in central London.

Daily Mirror Oct 12 2011

NHS reforms D-day: 40 peers have "financial interest" in NHS privatisation, Mirror investigation shows

Of course it is not just the Peers who are so interested in "Liberating the NHS"    Paul Flynn MP , has listed  MP's involvement in private healthcare, which 
 include  :

A majority shareholder in Rapier Design Group, an events management company heavily involved with the private medical and pharmaceutical industries, and whose clients include leading names such as AstraZeneca

The owner of : which is a specialist adviser on Healthcare markets, Technology development, Business strategy & Venture financing, working with NHS trusts. 

The MP who  received a payment of £3,500 for 4 hours work <> - giving speeches to STAC Consultancy which specialises in the launch of pharmaceutical products, strategic branding and medical education, who also owns a company called Skidmore Medical

The  Director of Attendo AB since 2008 – a Swedish private health company offering care and social care. The register of interests <> show, he receives an annual fee of £13,954.88 net, for approximately 20hrs work. 

An Advisor to Cinven;  which bought 25 private hospitals from Bupa < 

A Consultant for Alliance Medical’s parent company. Alliance Medical runs diagnostic services for the NHS, including in Birminghamand Falkirk.UNISON reported that services were giving patients sub-optimal care, losing the NHS money because of below-capacity uptake, and pressurising hospitals into using private sector treatments - 

A Non-executive director of  
Western Provident Association  which pays around £20,000 a year - 

A Non-executive director of Medicash Health Benefits Ltd a private health insurance company .

The   MP paid £50,000 a year to work just 10 hours a month as “strategic adviser” to Circle Health, the first firm to win control of an NHS hospital: 
-oh -  and it seems, according to Paul Flynn MP, that  the The Lib Dems have received a total of £440,000 from a private care home provider called Alpha Health care Ltd. The company is run by Harberry Investments in the British Virgin Islands a tax haven island and has been giving the Liberal Democrats yearly payments since 2004 with the exception of 2009.  

Paul Flynn MP
Who backs NHS unheaval?

Day two  of my research and I am absolutely outraged. No wonder the NHS Reform Legislation was passed ! 

As I said above, we in the ME Community have suffered, perhaps uniquely, at the hands of powerful vested interests. I cannot tell you how gutting it is to be unearthing this stuff.


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