Phoenix sinking

My wife hurts in a million places, in a million different ways. That is what she has just told me. So I cannot write much.

But I so need to express my frustration.

At this statement on Phoenix Rising :

"...patients with CFS (which includes patients with ME)...."

No , no , no !!

If you ever  - wrongly - equate CFS with ME then you  immediately embark on the dangerous slippery slope downwards -  that I go to a lot of trouble to describe in my book.

You see, reading on, I see  a reference to AfME.....

Which  chills me to the bone.

Then I notice the animated GIF - someone (with ME ?? Seriously ??)   in a rocking chair....  is one of those wanting to bang and pound your head -  hard- on the wall  moments.

...does anyone really  have a clue , you  wonder ?

My wife hurts in a million places in a million different ways. I really must  get back to her.


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