Some week !

It began with  Jan Van Roijen posting  details of this gold standard  study :

....proving  that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is linked to bacteria infection. Yet AGAIN  the psychiatrists have been proved  wrong - way back in in the day (2004) Hooper & Williams wrote so poignantly    :

In the British Journal of Psychiatry 2004:185:95-96  (IN DEBATE: There is only one functional somatic syndrome), psychiatrists Simon Wessely and Peter White revisit the notion proposed five years ago by Simon Wessely and Mike Sharpe in The Lancet.  That notion was that what they decreed to be medically unexplained symptoms and syndromes such as irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome should be combined into a single psychiatric disorder that they termed “Functional Somatic Syndrome” (Lancet 1999:354:936-939).

Wessely states that he and Sharpe stand by their thesis and that they “do not expect that improved understanding will come from further statistical manipulations of symptoms”.

Malcolm Hooper and Margaret Williams ask Peter White some questions
31st July 2004

And now -  just yesterday the Guardian published  this rock solid piece of  research  : 

 proving that exercise doesn't help depression. 

 We knew that ! You have only to  look at the results of the multi-million pound  FINE and PACE trials, which had nothing to do with ME, but failed even through their regime of Adaptive and Complex Pacing, to help those with generalized fatigue conditions and other mental health issues.

Happy days.

As the  British Prime Minister so famously remarked  : LOL.


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