Perhaps this is why ME is so maligned

What is so terrible is the invisibility of pain. 

You just can't see the burning throbbing screaming writhing nerve pain shooting in my whole body, the black blankness in my mind, the massive throbbing head pain boring into my brain the burning stabbing itching eye pain, the swollen nauseating stomach pain, the effort of no energy in your muscle, the brick wall affect of breathlessness, the indefinable jelly sensations as my muscles lose their tone and paralyse, unable to function or hold me up. 

If only it was illuminated in multi coloured hues so that the agony was visible and the distress and bizarre experiences obvious to everyone else. If only. Perhaps then their might be some level of comprehension of the horror of my experience, the devastation people wreak upon me in their happy ignorance and the absolute inability I have to function or communicate effectively with anyone at all or engage with normality for even the simplest thing.

 Perhaps that is why ME is so maligned and people so persecuted and ignored. People just don't get it, but in my experience it is much worse than that. They do not want to get it. It suits them that way.


  1. Hang on in there Linda. Love Theresa xx

  2. Flipping heck! It took me three attempts to prove I wasn't a robot! x


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