Dr Peter White to the DWP 10th November 1993

This is Dr White's argument why ME and CFS should not be treated separately :

"From my own work, as well as my reading of the world literature, I would not agree there is a consensus that ME and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are separate conditions. Because of my research and clinical experience of helping to reduce disability in the chronic fatigue syndrome, I suggest that separating the two conditions may enhance disability. The reason for this is that those who believe in the separate existence of “ME” believe this is a totally physical condition , probably related to immune dysfunction or persistent viral infection for which no treatment is available. On the contrary I think the present evidence suggests that the chronic fatigue syndrome is a genuine discrete syndrome and treatments and rehabilitation programmes are available which address both the physical and psychological factors which maintain this syndrome."

Dr Peter White to the DWP 10th November 1993  
(from the National Archive NB141-1)

meanwhile :


“The performance of the CFIDS patients was sevenfold times worse than either the control or the depressed group.  These results indicated the memory deficit in CFIDS patients was more severe than assumed by CDC criteria.  A pattern emerged …supporting neurological compromise in CFIDS”
(Curt Sandman, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour, University of California School of Medicine: Memory deficits associated with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome:  Biol Psych 1993:33:618-623)

....doesn't it  just prove Professor Hooper's point ?

For the psychiatrists to amalgamate 25 different disorders (Holgate, RSM July 2009) and to focus on “medically unexplained fatigue” whilst ignoring cardinal symptoms of ME is a travesty of medical science."

Professor Hooper to Sir Michael Rawlins 2010 http://www.meactionuk.org.uk/Hooper-signed-letter-to-Rawlins.htm


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