This  poster is being distributed, good   -  it's excellent - it will hopefully  shock people into the reality of ME.

Yesterday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary, BUT  that pain-scourged , numb, throbbing,  minute by minute excursion through sophisticated  suffering ,  that paralysed, gasping attempt to cope , bears little relationship to the poster...the symptoms listed above  describe  Linda on a miraculously "good" day.

Severe ME, in its depth, scope ,range and magnitude of symptoms ,goes so far beyond the popular image  of "ME", or anyone's experience , that it is wholly  unimaginable, except to those who have it. 
My intimate knowledge, such as it is,  of what Linda goes through, bears little relationship to her actual reality - I know am not strong enough to take it on for a second , without going mad. I tinker around at the edges; as , I am afraid, so does this poster. 

It's very, very good - but it does not convey  the  horror . That said, I am not sure I'd do much  better.


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