A Legend :the story of Sir Fool'em

Once upon a time, Sir Fool'em , one of the Knights who say : “ME is real..no, not really, ME is real, no not really..” came riding through the forest ,his bottom wobbling rather painfully, astride a bold  fence.

Although the children rudely laughed, booed and made fun of him, a fat cat ran up : “Come quickly Sir Knight, my mistress needs you.”, he pleaded.

“Fear not, I have brought my magic gold standard with me, from Oxford. I do not even have to see the poor woman. Go immediately and throw your mistress in a swimming pool, that should cure her !.”

At that the entire village clapped their hands in amazement and the Knight's fame spread far and wide , over hill and dale and throughout the whole land .

And the fat cat  lived happily ever after.


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