Discernment - Advent

It is so essential to have the gift of discernment  in order to follow a safe and true path through life. 

When the way ahead is not obvious and the choices you have to make are difficult, it helps if you can discern, with wisdom , what to do.

In out lives hindsight is always clearer than foresight.  But it is never easy to know what to do in any given moment; and the outcomes are never guaranteed, especially when you have ME, though some are safer than others.

Life then is always a bit of a gamble with  the need for hope , trust  and discernment  to guide you truly.

Discernment  was never more  needed than when you live with  Very Severe ME, for there are so many false paths  and traps ,to end up in ,to your detriment.

It is so important to take control of your life if possible and not rely on others ,which can  unfortunately lead you falsely and unsafely down pathways that lead to harm, whether intentional or not.

 If you know what is true in your heart this will be a good guide and a light to follow in the most difficult moments.

This advent we pray specially for the gift of Discernment, that we will  make right choices and be  guided safely  in the coming  year ahead.


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