Fruit -Advent

What are the fruits of a life of extreme suffering? Not much one might imagine; but  it is how we look at our lives that frames them in a context of hope or negation.

We choose to look at the fruits of our lives with joy and hope. 

We appreciate the small things that others would not even notice.  The comfort  of the sunshine , the joy of  feeding a robin, the delight if seeing a ladybird sheltering  on a twig, the beauty if a flower grown specially from seed.

We survive in extreme circumstances that few would be able to tolerate or bear and yet we still live in love.

 This is the greatest fruit of all : to have  stayed  and grown in love. And that love brings forth fruit every day in the gift of service we give to others , through the web site, the book on Severe ME, the spiritual books , the countless  hours spent on fighting for  proper biomedical services, the articles, comments, letters written, participating in Lost Voices and the film Voices from the Shadows.

All these things are fruits given to raise awareness of the true tortuous reality of severe ME. All these things are fruits of often secret , hidden , tortured suffering, used for good.

Praise God indeed this advent for the fruits of our lives.


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