On the Edge

We live on the edge of reality, living in the moment , because nothing can be planned and everything needs flexibility. All hopes, expectations , dreams , need to be tentative here and undemanding in any specific time frame. 

This unfortunately is not the way people  live generally and it is not the way the world functions.

Thus we try to cling on to tenuous connections with other people , that are hard to  - whilst they continue to have no concept of  our reality and place unreasonable   demands and expectations upon us.

 Celebrations are painful. We cannot do them. We cannot engage with them in any real way; we cannot see or engage with people at all.  People, then,  are disappointed or disengage from us.

We are left, if we are not careful , with guilt that we have not made more effort, that we have not done the expected. That we have let everyone else down. Of course,  this is some sort of introverted projection : it is  actually the world, society, systems, institutions and other people ,who have mostly let us down. 

That  is most visible here on the edge, where few go and the insight is painfully clear.

But on the edge too there is spiritual clarity that few achieve and this is the greatest blessing of all. We can see through games and false expectations. We see a lot of life's illusions here.

Christmas then is not about family celebration, good food, parties and interaction,for us.It is about  simplicity, peace, quiet, space,  gentle being and awareness of the Spirit of God come to live and be with us.

 It is about presence and an appreciation that here on the edge we are closest to Love, for there are no choices that  take us away from this presence and awareness. 

He is with us and we feel this because there is nothing blocking this awareness or getting in the way.

 A powerful place indeed.


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