Power : Advent Day 2

What is important about Power is to believe in your own Power in any one moment, to bring about change, to break a chain, to set people free, to free your self. 

Equally important, in any one moment , is to not give your power away to any ideology,  to other people's opinion,  to any person or system, or authority.

True Power  does not come from status , wealth ,authority . It comes from integrity - and a humble encounter in truth, that has nothing to do with playing games, with puffing up ones ego, with coming from fear.

It has everything to do  with love and genuine freedom. 

Power is the fruit of Truth, which cuts  through hypocrisy, arrogance, self importance, power playing and abuse with a  blade of light ,which when wielded wisely brings inner peace , harmony, healing, abundance, justice. 

Goodness is at its heart. It lifts, inspires, guides, aids; through the Power of Grace.


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