Reframing : Advent Day 3

You might think that there is no greater example of reframing than the way ME has been reframed  to be CFS. 

This was done by vested interests and its impact damages the Truth and seriousness of ME. Framing can be used  in a variety of ways to see what is true or to limit truth.

Frames are powerful things. How we frame our lives, the stories we tell ourselves and others, the impact we have can be small and narrow, limiting, stuck or huge and vast and open to possibility.

If we focus on the glass half empty it will always appear so no matter how full of potential the other half is.

The frame we put round our reality can so limit us : if we do not see outside our own  narrow frame of interest, if we do not  see our own power and our own goodness and our own ability to change things and focus on our capacity to love and create.

 We don't necessarily see our own  goodness and our own wonderment and our own power.

Today then, this moment  in fact  , is a moment where we can dare to look and see the future with new eyes and new vision  , with hope and faith, goodness and love at the centre of our focus. It does not necessarily  mean you have to do big things, make sweeping changes, just begin in a small way by seeing the goodness within and without you.

God gives us the strength, the vision, the insight and the power to move forward , reframing life in a context of hope, renewal, blessing, trust.; courage.

On Stonebird we affirm : " you don't have to do anything to be of beauty and value in the world. Even if you cannot move, even if you cannot communicate, even if you cannot think, still you are precious and your presence matters."


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