Transfiguration : Christmas Eve

It is the moments when we touch the light within us , that flows from the Heart of Love that transfigures who we are. 

In these moments we can see most clearly who we are and know most truly what is True.

When light pours in it illuminates all within and without you so that you can see all from a clear perspective - and that perspective is Love. Not complacency or nicety, not romantic or placatory.

 This Love is Powerful , Awesome in Nature, it sweeps away all untruth and conditions.

 It brings Truth. Not always comfortable , sometimes challenging, but at its centre there also lies a Peace not of the world and a certainty of direction, a deep and profound knowledge that will sweep away all injustice and wrongness and guide you always towards goodness.

Transfigurative moments  bring hope and wisdom, Joy and confirmation that the awesome power of God lives with us and works through us, if we can only open , with acceptance and honesty to this most wonderful Truth.

 He is with us. Alleluia ..."and His Light is the Life of man."

This Christmas Eve we pray for this Light to shine in the world and Transfigure  our lives forever more. Amen.


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