Few people it seems want to know the truth of ME. 


It seems incredible that so much harm can be done by deliberate ignorance, denial and negation yet that is what has happened with ME- institutional abuse , neglect and denial.

With so many people seriouly  ill, it seems hard to believe that such a tactic can work yet seemingly it has, to the detriment of peoples lives.

If people look with honesty and integrity in their hearts and see the Truth shining there so obviously borne out by the most severely affected, how can they carry on living their lives without shame and embarrassment at their core?

We simply do not understand it. So many people complicit in denial, whether institutions, doctors, nurses, social workers, friends, family, associates.

Is the reality so frightening, so challenging or just too much to bear? What are the gains of covering over the truth and burying it in a sea of fatigue, whilst ignoring its true neurological nature?

Can anyone say? 

Because we surely do not understand it, cannot accept it and do not believe it can ever be justified.

The truth must be seen, heard, believed, accepted, validated, supported and made right. This is our belief.


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