The physio-pathological abnormalities, which distinguish a patient with ME from other diseases

Is it possible to diagnose ME/CFS ?
(Source : ME/cvs Vereniging Nederland,

This is such an important presentation - to show to anyone who doubts that ME is real !

Professor  K. De Meirleir succiently  outlines some of the physio-pathological abnormalities – which distinguish a patient with ME from other diseases :

  • Dysfunctional immune system - chronic infections which hardly ever occur in normal people .
  • Underlying intestine disorders– dysbiosis, gut permeability.
  • Problems of oxidative stress leading to DNA impairment, impaired proteins and structures .
  • Faulty  mitochondria  – shortage of oxygen and energy supply in body.
  • Cardiac abnormalities, heat defects, heart not being filled completely, too little blood volume, poor blood circulation .
  •  Exercise capacity very important – in early stages little reduction in exercise capacity, but as years progress exercise capacity decreases quickly- much faster than in normal ageing.
  • Diaphragm starts to function less well- will almost stop moving or move less well.
  • The resulting ventilation reduction is quite spectacular and clearly present. The recuperation after minimal effort can be badly affected – taking some people a week to recover from walking 100 yards – not something you find in normal people.
  • Neurological abnormalities – with studies showing the grey substance or brain substance is reduced. 
  • Disorders such as malfunctioning of short term memory, the recalling of words can be severely disturbed – patients thinking they have Alzheimer's.
  • Increased sensitivity to stress, disturbance in the hypothalamic -pituitary-adrenal axis, resulting in reduced cortisol (patients with depression have raised cortisol). 
  • Various muscle abnormalities, malfunction at the molecular level of the ionic channels.

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