Announcing Unstoppable Spirit

This is just to announce my new book, written with much love for all who suffer and struggle - God bless us all.


  1. Greg, you have such a kind and generous spirit. You do so much for Linda, she is trapped in a neverending struggle. I hope she can learn to relax her body somehow as this will allow oxygen to flow through and ease the build up of acid.
    I hope you yourself get moments of peace and that someone is there to care for you too. You are both so strong, I wish you would allow yourselves to not fight for your cause day in, day out, and just give yourselves some time off as I'm sure it would benefit both of your health and wellbeing.

    1. Bless you ! Thank you so much. Yes, what you say is true; our greatest longing is to not have to keep struggling like this but the injustice, the suffering is so immense. Sadly there is no escape, it has invaded every moment of our life together,our effort, most days, is spent on coping and survival.More than two decades have passed; the depths of agony, the wilderness of Very Severe ME, that Linda knows, defies description in its horror and complexity. I am determined to fight back with everything I have got.xx


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