Of course.
Who would not be
With so much discrimination
And death?
It is time
For all the misdirection to stop.
We are  all so very very  physically ill.
We cannot live in the normal world.
Our hypersensitivity is an invisible barrier
That excludes us from normality
And opens us to
And denial.
We should be treated with respect.
We should be adequately investigated.
We should be understood and protected.
Yet instead we have to explain, articulate, argue our case
We have to suffer indignity upon indignity,
To risk mistreatment,wrong treatment or no treatment
To live in total isolation
Whilst professionals misinterpret our reality
Charities compromise the truth
And politicians toe the party line
Not wishing to upset the vested interests.
It is time to accept the fact that
ME has been abused and abandoned
Thrown to the psychiatrists
Cast on a sea of fanciful fatigue
Obfuscated in an ocean of wrong jargon and lies
Smoke and mirrors.
And who will  honestly speak out about it?
I will.
Defiant? Too right.


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