Even when

Even when the noise has temporarily lowered
The echo vibrates, reverberates , resounds physically around my body, tearing at my ravaged guts, my muscles tremble then shake violently out loud
Diminishing me
Demolishing me
Damaging me
Dementing me
Even when the paralysis looses its grip for just a second
Still it clings to me pulling every cell towards total incapacity time and again without relent
Halting me
Hurting me
Hindering me
Harming me
Even when I have managed to move my finger or my toe or my eyelid or my mouth
The inability still lingers, lurking in every muscle
Reducing me
Redefining me
Ravaging me
Rasping at me
Even when the headache finally lowers,
The head pain and body pain is ever present, no cell unaffected
Shouting at me
Screaming at me
Scorching at me
Sundering me
Even when the moment by moment external assault diminishes slightly ,the  constant, internal, pounding bodily assault remains, harming me with its ever presence, never leaving for a millisecond
Tearing at me
Torturing me
Tormenting me
Trying me beyond endurance


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