Rest is impossible

I despair sometimes - there is a very interesting article in by Jason et al , in Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior Volume 1, Issue 1-2, 2013, on an "Energy Envelope" in ME; the premise being that a person with ME needs to learn how not to exceed that envelope. However the assumption that you can rest bears no relationship to my wfe's reality. She has Very Severe ME , rest is actually harmful to her, it increases her symptoms, pushes her further into paralysis. My wife cannot rest - relaxation, sleep, brings no relief, makes her much, much worse.

This Energy Envelope theory is far too simplistic for someone with complex needs, like Linda.

The fatal flaw in current ME research is that it does not appear to take into account the most severely affected - in what other disease would that be acceptable ?

By definition if you have Very Severe ME you are not able to attend a clinic, you are not able to engage in two way interaction, you are not able to bear visitors - no wonder this population, the most ill, are not being studied !

Jason's article bears no relationship to our world, where everything is turned on its head - where rest , for example, is impossible and any conception of setting a base line is pie- in-the-sky.

That said Jason's article is an excellent critique of CBT and GET.


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