10 Reasons why you should chose to live with Severe ME

1 you are a beautiful person
2 your life is precious

3 giving in and choosing death means the culture of death and denial wins
4 there is always  hope of a better moment
5 there is always hope of a biomedical breakthrough
6 it is not your fault that you are ill and you should not blame  and punish yourself  because you are struggling to cope
7 suicide and euthanasia cause massive harm  in the impact on other people emotionally , mentally, even lead to more suicide and death
8 there is always something you can change however small that might make a difference
9 the illness is huge but you are bigger than it
10 you can rethink the way you are living  and make different positive choices to accommodate your difficult reality, even small things can make a big difference.
11 feeling you want to kill yourself is not the same as actually doing it.
12 you can be kinder to yourself and validate how amazing you are to be living in such difficult circumstances, not hurt yourself more.

Linda & Greg Crowhurst


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