Loves Last Stand

I am currently undergoing a course in Creative Computing, learning how to use an electronic sketchbook called Processing : .

This is a film of an interactive App I have coded - it sets out to convey the passion of our often lonely stand for truth - we have been fighting for the last 20 years - alongside the horror of Severe ME. As the user clicks and moves the mouse or their finger about, the background pictures change, multi-coloured, rotating  words convey two messages : "This is love's one last stand" and "This is a stand for Severe ME" - above all though that little solitary bobbing head figure will never be extinguished - no matter how much you smear him about, he emerges still nodding, still singing his song; it's  all you can do !! 

The soundtrack plays two songs- if you click the mouse - Loves Last Stand and With ME, just coming in underneath.


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