A tribute to Thomas Hennessy

I will never forget what a difference it made when Tom emailed, out of the blue, this giant and said that Stonebird was "EXCELLENT" - his words !

As a tribute I have just built this webpage : it turns out to be the most powerful webpage I have ever built ! 

Such incredible quotes from a legend, a man we all owe so much to.



  1. To Tom,

    Where ever you are now….

    I could write that you impressed with your relentless will to fight and the bravado with which you were talking “truth to power”, but to me you were foremost a soul friend like no other. You were smart, wise, strong, funny and full of life. Above all, I could talk to you about anything. It was not always easy and we shared some hard times. But by god we also shared some good times, fantastic memories, the love for music and above all a GOOD DREAM.

    Words cannot describe the deep sorrow I feel that you have left without a warning.

    So Tom, like always when I miss you, I send a song into cyberspace and hope you will hear it.

    DE ONE

    P.S. I must believe we will meet again.



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