I have become what I would not want to be

I have been deconstructed
Almost destroyed
By noise
Indescribable assaults have torn me 
From myself
Taken parts of me
Long treasured
And shredded them to nothing.
I have been made into empty no one
Forced over the edge
Into a timeless void
Inconceivable to most
I have been trying
Desperately to claw myself
back out
From an endless pit of destruction
That dismembered me
Limb from limb
Mind from mind 
Body from body
Till I did not know which direction
Would lead me safely home again.
I have become
What I would not want
to be
Who I do not recognise
As me
I have been ransacked
By peoples selfish ignorance
And harmed, tormented, tortured
Demented even 
To despair
But saddest of all
My love and I
Have been physically
Rent apart
From comfort
 from kindness
From oneness
By the deliberate 
Of those who should know
But do not want to know
The harm that they do
And I am left a weeping heap
Where once love lived
In all abundance
And joy.


  1. This is absolutely heart-breaking. Although my condition is not nearly as severe as Linda's - I can relate to so much of this.
    "Those that should know, but do not want to know" tells it like it is.
    Reading this made me feel very sad and very angry - for you and Linda. And for myself, and other sufferers.


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