This is what is meant by "Noise Sensitivity"

This is the impact of noise in Very Severe ME; this is what is meant by "Noise Sensitivity". 

This is how my wife's whole day has been. 

Very, very few know, even fewer understand.


  1. Sensory signals are amplified and modified by several mechanisms. Something is terribly wrong in sensory processing in ME patients. We need to find the “broken” mechanism. It could be an autoimmune attack on ..??? We need more research!!! Sincerely Helle Nielsen

  2. There is knowledge from other diseases that could help us understand ME, and give us ideas for new research: "Hyperacusis in patients with complex regional pain syndrome related dystonia" and this quote "The sensory abnormalities may include a sudden increase in sensitivity to light, noises, smells, tastes or textures of foods or items of clothing.." from "DOPAMINE (post-streptococcal) related autoimmune encephalitis" Helle Nielsen

  3. Sorry. forgot this one: Vestibular Hyperacusis. Are you sensitive to certain sounds? Regards Helle

  4. Has she ever been tested for Lyme Disease? A lot of ME patients are finding they have Borellia infections.


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