Free eBook to help the people of the Philippines.


To the ME Community, worldwide : Typhoon Yolanda, as you know, has caused massive devastation.

In order to help raise funds, I have published Dr John L Whiting's ground-breaking "Doctor's Dilemma", a chapter from my forthcoming book "Severe ME", as a special eBook. 

The Doctor's Dilemma is an extraordinarily detailed, powerful, challenging, passionate plea for doctors to take ME seriously; it is exactly what the ME community are crying out for !

Dr Whiting and his wife, who are based in Australia, have set up a Foundation, called iHope, to help the people of the Philippines.

Please, please, DOWNLOAD Dr Whiting's eBook and save lives. Follow the links inside to DONATE, the need is desperate, people WILL die if they do not get food !

More details and download HERE :

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