A few of the ways Clinicians are failing people with ME

Focusing upon Fatigue and not the more serious Neurological/Cognitive, Autonomic, 
Neuroendocrine, Immune, Cardiovascular and Gastric manifestations.

Not focusing on enterovirus as the cause of the disease and not treating people 
with anti- virals that could be available.

Allowing wide and loose clinical  definitions which do not define ME at all.

Not standing up adequately, if at all,  against the  inappropriate involvement of psychiatry .

Allowing the mishmash psychiatric  CFS continuum to continue .

Professional arrogance.

Allowing psychiatry to push its own agenda, through active collaboration.

Accepting the medical establishment view that there are no tests that can be done.

Accepting the status quo rather than pushing boundaries and saying "No" .

Not admitting that they  do not know all that they should or could know.

Not being willing to do home visits to people who are frail and severely affected .

Not understanding how they themselves can do harm by their actions,.

Ignoring and not treating the most severely ill,.

Not  understanding or fully comprehending the severity of the illness.

Not comprehending that  the current  practice to only 'treat' the mild and moderate is 
to neglect the illness .

Not comprehending or speaking out together as one medical voice against the current 
clinics who are failing everyone by focusing on fatigue. 

Not making  it safe for people with genuine  ME to be seen.


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