On the horn of a dilemma

It is time to put my money where my mouth is !

After spending hours, weeks, converting my book to Kindle format, after solving unspeakable, hair-tearing technical difficulties, at huge cost to Linda and me, I am finally ready to upload a
nd publish "Severe ME" on Amazon.

Click, click....all fine, until...WHAT CATEGORY ? Filing your book under the most accurate category online is vital. No surprise to find there is no such thing as a "Myalgic Encelphalomyelitis" slot on Amazon : except there IS one of "Chronic fatigue Syndrome ".

Now HERE I find myself on the same horn of a dilemma that many of our charities and clinicians occupy : do I throw my principles to the wind and for the sake of "funding" accept the CFS classification - ensuring potential sales for my book, or do I opt for nothing ?

I'd rather have nothing.


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