How to Protect Yourself

1. Do not let yourself be perceived as helpless 
or a victim.

2. Be careful whom you trust; make sure they are worthy of this precious gift.

3. Maintain clear boundaries between yourself and them especially if they are providing a service for you. They are not necessarily your friend.

4. Write down and record all agreements.

5. Be certain that if someone is speaking on your behalf, they actually represent you and not their own opinion.

6. Let go of people and things that demand you be other than who you are for their own purpose.

7. Be clear.

8. Understand ME politics and those who play within it. Understand their motivations, how and what they represent.

9. Find people who are congruent with your deepest values; check this is so, do not assume.

10. Be aware so you do not get caught up in other people’s Persecutor / Victim / Rescuer games.

Greg & Linda Crowhurst
Stonebird © 2014


  1. These are all very good points, and well laid out. But it is so unbelievably hard to do when dealing with medical professionals about CFS or ME.
    As I have found out (again) this week - to my dismay.
    I don't want to go into too much detail here, as I'm still reeling from "a good experience turned bad" .
    And my disappointment and frustration of realising that (yet again) I can talk to doctors till I'm blue in the face - but they still choose to dismiss or ignore 80% of my symptoms.
    I'm now starting to agree that the name CFS should be ditched, because the word fatigue is damaging. And trivialises.
    But I naively thought that when referred to a "Centre Of Integrated Care" - the doctors would actually listen to me. And not just focus on exhaustion & stress - while ignoring 80% of the rest of my symptoms.
    Sorry - I didn't mean to turn this into a long story Greg & Linda.
    But reading this good post just reinforced how difficult it is out there - in all our dealings with medical people relating to ME or CFS.
    Sending all best wishes
    Anne Dean


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