Holy Way coming soon.
Twenty years of Linda's suffering, my struggle has taught me a great deal, especially about the meaning of "religion" - it has VERY LITTLE to do with going to Church; the Church has abandoned us, but, in the true sense of the term, everything to do with people coming together.
I have been working for weeks on building a brand new website to reflect all our learning,the insights gained from our long journey deep into the wasteland.
To me, it is like building a cathedral, striving after beauty, inspiration, craftsmanship in every single element. Sadly there is much yet to do , so I cannot launch it today, Pentecost, as I had hoped for.
What can I possibly say of the power of the Holy Spirit ? Everything, for it is the light that radiates out from Linda's entire being, lights up her face, sparkles in her eyes, inspires me ever onwards, fills us both with an extraordinary joy, leads us out of despair, empowers us to always seek the light, especially the blinding light of truth and justice.

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