The state of unutterable indescribable agony

When I am in the chaos of unutterable indescribable agony , the power of the physical experience is huge, vast and all encompassing. I cannot bear the moment I am in. 

There is no other moment than this one and it seems to spread out to all eternity in an eternal moment of excruciating torture.

I don’t really have the words to describe the experience. It is more than torment, more than torture, more than indescribable, more than intolerable, more than unacceptable, more than completely unbearable. It is screamingly hostile and negating.

It is barbaric in its cruelty. It is exquisitely diminishing. It is almost completely incomprehensible in its agony it is so vast, so punishing, so pure, so bleak, so empty of life and full of sensations that is beyond endurance.

Such is the nature of that place that all awareness can be blocked except for the pain itself that pierces every cell and every space between cells, every existing fiber of being is caught up in the torturing pain.

All focus must be on coping, on bearing the unbearable, on remaining, on the pain itself, for there is no place that is not pain. There is no place that is not agony , there is no place that is not on fire with the violence of hurt, within the physicality of the body. The pain screams non existence at you. The pain will consume you.

It is not easy to feel spirit in this place. Your mind is huge , it can cry out, but whether it can hear or receive a reply is unlikely. The pain alone is all consuming. You just want it to stop. You do not know when it will kill you, for surely you cannot remain existing in such intense violation of life.


  1. This is such a powerful piece of writing Linda.You are so very brave to bare your pain, your heart and soul like this. Love Theresa xx


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