The gap between ME and CFS is now at breaking point !!

Read in the new edition of ME Global Chronicle about how parents are being accused of abuse, read about the new "Karina" case in Denmark, read about Joanne's incredibly serious , horrific "treatment" in Germany, read one woman's account of starving to death, with no medical care and contrast their stories with the cutting-edge clinical research published elsewhere in the magazine, the biomarkers, all the indicators of severe physical dysfunction and ask yourself how have things come to this ?

Why has AfME, for example, over many years giving psychiatry such a prominent voice, instead of sending it and its fanatical death-makers packing ? Witness their upcoming symposium on "Severe ME" for example.

What our national ME Organizations have been getting up to for the last two decades, making themselves rich, bears little or no relationship to the struggle ME patients, especially the most Severely Affected face. How have things got to this ?

We know the answers !! Powerful vested interests, take-over front companies etc. etc.

The fact is we are left with NO EFFECTIVE international voice representing ME.

The investment is in CFS.

To read ME Global Chronicle is to know that the issues facing people with ME have never been more serious or more deadly.


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