The role of the facilitator



When someone cares for someone with Severe ME/ Very Severe ME they take on the role of facilitator. They are the hands and feet of the person. 

They do things for the person that the person wants doing. In ME the issues are extremely complicated in how to help without causing deterioration and aggravating symptoms, impacting heath.

This is what being a facilitator is all about:

Facts about ME: know all you can about the physical reality of Severe ME - Know them.

Aware of the harm you can inadvertently do - Be alert to this.

Care about every single thing you do - Make sure you get it right for the person.

Immediate - Respond straight away.

Loving - Do everything in a compassionate and loving way.

Ignore your own personal feelings and opinions - You are representing the person.

Take into account all hypersensitivities and post- exertional impact - Everything matters.

Avoid mistakes - You cannot afford to make any when health is at stake.

Think all the time about what and how you are doing everything - ensure it is appropriate.

Ordinary things done in unaware ways can still be harmful - Be exceptionally careful.

Remember that you are there to do what the person has asked - Only do what you are asked, nothing more, nothing less as harm can happen if you forget this.

August 2014

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